Baked in Brooklyn Quotes

Kate: What makes you qualified to change the playlist?
David: What kind of qualifications did the last guy have?
Kate: This really isn't about the last guy, and who says it was a guy?
David: Okay, well...

Movie: Baked in Brooklyn
Riff Raff: Is this a gram each? Cause it looks like maybe .8, .9.
David: Yeah, no, they're 20s, not grams. We're not in Europe, dude.
Riff Raff: [laughs]We're not in Europe.

Movie: Baked in Brooklyn
Ace: Bruto, weed isn't a vegetable.

Movie: Baked in Brooklyn
David: Hey, this is David Shapiro. I lost my job, so I sell weed now. This is my weed number. Text me if you need, please. I deliver.

Movie: Baked in Brooklyn
David: The inedible candy that you love so much.
Kate: I love it.

Movie: Baked in Brooklyn
David: Oh, and could you just tell the front desk that if my mum calls, to just, you know, tell her that I stepped out to lunch or something?
David's Boss: Just for today?
David: No, I mean, probably for, like, six months or so until I get a new job...

Movie: Baked in Brooklyn