Bait Quotes

Alvin: When you get your money, I think you need to get an anger management class.

Movie: Bait
Edgar Clenteen: When he's served his purpose, when he draws our man out of the shadows, well, you know what happens to bait...

Movie: Bait
Jaimie: It's coming back! [we see the fin swimming past the far end]
Jaimie: Why does it keep doing that, just circling?
Tina: Cause it's not sure what we are. It's curious.
Kirby: Curious about what, sharks are only curious about one thing. It's trying to decide if we're food or not!

Movie: Bait
Heather: Do you see it anywhere?
Kyle: [sarcastically]Yeah, I see it, but I'm keeping it a secret from you because I want you to be surprised!
Heather: Oh, thank you for your thoughtfulness, Kyle. Really, it's always what I wanted in a boyfriend. [the shark swims past the rear end of the car]
Heather: Oh! I can't handle this much longer. It may seem surprising, but I'm not equipped to deal with this kind of situation.
Heather: [puts her dog in the back seat]Here, Bulli, you need some space. [the shark smashes into Kyle's window, water starts to pour in]
Heather: Kyle, do something, you have to do something!
Kyle: What! Like what? Ask the fucking thing to go away?

Movie: Bait