Baby Geniuses Quotes

Sly: We have to use our secret weapon.
Basil: And what's that?
Sly: Duby - What's the one thing grown-ups fear most about us babies?
Duby: Dirty Diapers!
Sly: You're wrong!
Duby: Well they make those stupid faces when they change our diapers!
Sly: Its our Intelligence everyone, Our Intelligence... Dirty Diapers... that's funny though.

Movie: Baby Geniuses
Duby: [points finger at sly and interrupts] Sly, make him pick his nose!
Carrie: yeah come on sly - make him pick it! [other babies start agreeing]
Sly: no that's gross.
Carrie: Do it! [babies start cheering sly to do it]
Sly: All right - -pick your nose now! [other babies shout "pick it... pick it" then laugh hysterically as lennie picks his nose]
Sly: [then dickie still hypnotized in the other room starts picking his nose as well unseen by sly and the other babies]

Movie: Baby Geniuses
Sly: [sly and the other babies huddle around a sleeping lennie. sly steps up and starts chanting] You are in my power. You will obey my commands. You are in my power. You will obey my commands. Before i take the babies home, I will drive to Babyco. Everything depends on my driving to Babyco.
Carrie: What are you trying to do?
Sly: I have a theory that grown ups remember our secret language in their sub-conscious. If i'm right... I can hypnotize him. [returns to lenny]
Sly: You are in my power. You will obey my commands. You will obey my power. You will obey my commands. All right now lets see if we've really got him. Lenny, raise your hand. [Lenny raises his hand]
Sly: ohhhhh. [meanwhile in the very next room unseen by the babies - Dickie also raises his hand - -it looks as if Dickie has been hypnotized as well]

Movie: Baby Geniuses
Sly: All right guys... should i tell her what i think? I think that if you're going to talk so much out of your ass, maybe you should wear a bow-tie on your butt!
Basil: A Bow-Tie on her butt? That's disgusting Sylvester!
Teddie: Your syntax is interesting
Basil: Its because he watches television all the time. Nice language Sylvester.
Sly: Nice face Basil. Ewwwww!
Teddie: Bow-Tie on her butt? I still don't get it. You wear diapers on your butt, not bow-ties.

Movie: Baby Geniuses
Stan Bobbins: We'll become the McDonalds of babies.
Jean Bobbins: [sarcastic] Great, we'll be known as McBaby.

Movie: Baby Geniuses