Automata Quotes

Vernon Conway: Why is it so difficult for you to accept my orders if you're just a machine?
Blue Robot: Just a machine? That's like saying that you are just an ape.

Movie: Automata
Jacq Vaucan: Funny, you were supposed to help us survive.
Blue Robot: Surviving is not relevant. Living is. We want to live.

Movie: Automata
Cleo: Now I know why the rain changed.
Jacq Vaucan: Why?
Cleo: I don't think you could understand.

Movie: Automata
Jacq Vaucan: Who altered your protocols?
Blue Robot: Nobody altered my protocols.
Jacq Vaucan: What about them?
Blue Robot: I enhanced them.
Jacq Vaucan: Are you the boss?
Blue Robot: Boss is a human thought structure.

Movie: Automata
Jacq Vaucan: I am going to die here. That's all I know.
Blue Robot: Jacq, dying is a part of the human natural cycle. Your life is just a span in time.
Jacq Vaucan: You are the first one, aren't you? You started all this.
Blue Robot: No one did it. It just happened. The way it happened to you. We just appeared.

Movie: Automata
Cleo: And why did the rain change? Why don't you tell me?
Jacq Vaucan: You're supposed to be smarter than me at this stage of the game.

Movie: Automata
Blue Robot: We just appeared.
Jacq Vaucan: Yeah, now we are going to disappear!

Movie: Automata