SeaQuest DSV Quotes

Capt. Nathan Bridger: They're Here?
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: The bodies arrived 10 minutes ago.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: All right, what do we know so far?
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: So far? 3 males, 3 females, all dead, so far.

TV Show: SeaQuest DSV
Capt. Nathan Bridger: I want this boat stopped, right now!
Commander Jonathan Ford: That's impossible, sir. Once we break port, we're commited to the Channel. This isn't exactly a rowboat.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: I know what it is, Commander, I designed the damned thing.
Commander Jonathan Ford: If the Captain would like, I could arrange to have a launch craft shuttle you back to Pearl once we hit open water.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: The Captain would like!
Commander Jonathan Ford: Yes, sir.

TV Show: SeaQuest DSV
Dr. Raleigh Young: I'll not be given the runaround by a flock of vapid lackeys!

TV Show: SeaQuest DSV
Ford: Tell me, is there anything you can't do?
Brody: Yeah, I'm having one heck of a time learning the bagpipes.
Ford: Bet you look good in the skirt.

TV Show: SeaQuest DSV
George Le Chein: So, tell me Captain, how do we beat the Seaquest?
Capt. Marilyn Stark: I've already beaten Seaquest. What I want, is to be there when she drowns.

TV Show: SeaQuest DSV
Piccolo: You're holdin' his horse, what he gave you is bull.

TV Show: SeaQuest DSV