All Night Quotes

Marty: So, you ready to rock?
Julie: Well, you're not going to play your guitar, are you?
Marty: Uh, no. I was just thinking we could watch a movie or something.

Movie: All Night
Ricky Tembo: You know my friend was right, you two are pretty hot.
Girl Downtown: He was talking about a hot dog.
Ricky Tembo: Well you know, regulation temperature for a hot dog is 125 degrees and you two have got to be at least 200... combined.
Girl Downtown: Uh, we gotta go.

Movie: All Night
Strip Club Gypsy: You're late honey.
Kortney: What are you talking about?
Strip Club Gypsy: Aren't you dancing tonight under the assumed name... Sleaze of the Seven Seas?
Kortney: NO.
Strip Club Gypsy: Oh I'm sorry. They said she'd be wearing some fish-related outfit. I guess it was your salmon shirt.

Movie: All Night
Police Officer: If these are your friends then what are you doing in the trunk?
Khris: Well I begged them to go but there wasn't room up front and they couldn't put the cooler back here cause it was too warm and everything would spoil from the fumes.
Police Officer: Alright, I buy that.

Movie: All Night
Julie: I like you too Marty. I mean, I even broke up with Vern for you.
Marty: Really?
Julie: Well no, Vern was just a dick and I should have broken up with him a long time ago. But I really do like you.

Movie: All Night