All Hale Quotes

Mason Morgan: These are all farming folk here, once upon a time, and if it's one thing they know it's the sky.
Alice Walker: ALICE: I guess I never really realized it, since nobody farms here anymore.

Movie: All Hale
Alice Walker: There's just that one gigantic plantation, what's it called? You ever been past there? Their obnoxious signage looming over us on the one main road in the county, you know? I mean, gimme a break. We get it, you and your machines work here.
Mason Morgan: I live there.

Movie: All Hale
Mason Morgan: ...So you're an architecture student then? Y'all are all into building on the cheap using student labor and reclaimed material. Part of your program or something. Right on, good for you.

Movie: All Hale
Jim: Muni buildings, this firehouse too. Can you believe just a bunch of students put all this together. Pretty amazing the more you think about it.
Patrice Parker: See that! They're changing our home, the place we come from! And, listenin' to you spout on... you sound like you drinkin' some Kool-Aid something like.
Jim: I mean, I don't think it's all so bad. You make like they're demolishing us for no good. They're building us better buildings so we can have better lives.
Patrice Parker: Who are they to tell us?... This is our identity!

Movie: All Hale
Patrice Parker: ...Mr. Morgan, just let me out of the truck.
Mason Morgan: I'm Mason, not Mr. Morgan.
Patrice Parker: ...I ain't talkin' about yo daddy right now. Got other things on my plate.
Mason Morgan: Like one missing truck, one bad attitude, and one beat down broke down niece.
Patrice Parker: The f*ck you're gonna talk to me about my niece.

Movie: All Hale
Ruth Parker: It's like, what if it's this guy and he likes that guy, and he likes him back? How come that's not treated the same? Why's it gotta feel so different to everyone?
Alice Walker: I'm so glad your parochial surroundings haven't made you a more narrow minded person, Ruth.

Movie: All Hale
Alice Walker: I love him.
Patrice Parker: You love him? You lo-ove him! Aw shit, can't get the girl outta Hale now. She gonna get all stunted like my Ruth.
Alice Walker: You're a monster, Patrice. Look who you've turned into.
Patrice Parker: There you go! Talk like you know who I am, like you've grown up with me or somethin'.

Movie: All Hale
Alice Walker: Well, what did you do all day?
Mason Morgan: Read, ran, played with the dog.
Alice Walker: ...Isn't that what you do every day? I just think it's frivolous to read day in and day out with no action.
Mason Morgan: ...I'm an economist, it's what I do.
Alice Walker: I'm an economist, it's what I do.
Mason Morgan: Seriously. I just got my Ph.D... Yeah. It's Dr. Mason Morgan to you, from now on. Definitely.
Alice Walker: ...Yeah, you don't share, huh? You're a selective sharer. You cut your sharing short, you're a share cropper.

Movie: All Hale
Patrice Parker: No matter how many of your buildings you make, you'll never be from here, you'll never make your mark here. I'm all Hale, you will never take that away from me.

Movie: All Hale