All Grown Up Quotes

Angelica: How can I be loved by millions if I play an evil alien? I wanna play a nice alien! NICE! Now get that through your thick skull, or I'm walkin'!
Tommy: You're right, what was I thinking, casting you as the evil villain?
Angelica: That better not be sarcasm.

TV Show: All Grown Up
Angelica: Teach him to lie? Don't you realize that the ability to lie is something you're born with? Like my perfect nose!
Susie Carmichael: See? There's a perfect example.

TV Show: All Grown Up
Chucky: See? Friends are like holidays - you can never have enough.

TV Show: All Grown Up
Phil: Does anyone wanna be my co-pilot?
Dil: Dil, reporting for duty!
Phil: Ok, anyone ELSE wanna be my co-pilot?

TV Show: All Grown Up
Susie Carmichael: Did you just brake up with Sean?
Angelica: Teenager means never having to explain.

TV Show: All Grown Up