Batoru rowaiaru II - Chinkonka Quotes

Nao Asakura: One day, they'll all disappear. Family, friends... But I'll always be by your side. I can't do anything for you, but I'll be there. I promise...

Movie: Batoru rowaiaru II - Chinkonka
Shuya Nanahara: How much blood has been shed? How many tars spilled? All of our friends who fought beside us are dead, killed in the last three years. But even as justice can never be vanquished, we terrorists will never vanish, however evil they deem us. Because we know, that a handful of adults, a handful of 'nature' selfishly define the nature of peace as freedom in this world. But our world is so much more complex that. This world has 63 Billion people living their own lives, living 63 billion different ways, 63 billion kinds of peace, 63 billion kinds of concepts of what is good, 63 billion kinds of war and evil. No one has achieved peace without fighting for it. [Picks up torch and points it to screen]
Shuya Nanahara: Behind every peace, there's a river of blood, sweat and tears. But if we avert our eyes from that history and abandon it, then peace might as well be dog ****.
Sensei: Dog ****, huh...?
Shuya Nanahara: [flag waves and we see children playing with the students] Japan, China, North Korea, Guatemala, Indonesia, Cuba, Congo, Peru, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Grenada, Libya, El Slavador, Panama, Bolivia, Kuwait, Sudan, Somalia...
Nao Asakura: Where's Takuma? [looks up and sees Takuma smiling]
Shuya Nanahara: ...Afghanistan. [moves closer to screen]
Shuya Nanahara: You may be lonely, but it's time to stop being afraid. To all the abandoned children on earth, Let's rise up together and fight together! [picks up AK-47]
Shuya Nanahara: We're throwing away the old rules, taking of to a place far, far away! Tonight, I send this message to all the adults who stole our freedom and pinned us down. Merry Christmas. Wild Seven and Nanahara Shuya. [a missile is fired and Wild Seven Tower goes down

Movie: Batoru rowaiaru II - Chinkonka