Ali Quotes

Muhammad Ali: This was supposed to be the fight that Muhammad Ali was ended. Supposed the myth that Muhammad was gonna fall! Supposed to be my destruction! Well, they miscalculated, they misjudged, they got it wrong!

Movie: Ali
Abu Hassan: [toying around] Look, look, look, see!
Popeye: Huh? [With a laugh, Abu Hassan steals Popeye's belt]
Popeye: Hey, give me back me belt, I paid a good price for that!... Okay, watch this one. Abba-dabba-dabba! [Popeye pulls out Abu Hassan's underwear]
Popeye: Abu Hassan got them anymore!
Abu Hassan: You want to make fool from me, eh?
Popeye: Ah, nature beat me to it!

Movie: Ali
Ali G: We is gunna hire the A-team.

Movie: Ali
Ali G: Jezzy, iz you wearing green? I knew it - you iz defected to the Iver 'Eath posse, innit? Come on - let's stab him!
Jezzy F: No, no - wait! Me mum, yeah, she put me yellow top in the wash with me brother's blue football socks even though they ain't colourfast.
Ali G: All right. But you tell that slag, that in the ghetto, washing non-colourfast synthetics at 60 degrees could cost you your life...

Movie: Ali
Bruno: What is the philosophy of the show?
Tiffany, the Stylist: It's kind of like trailer trash.
Bruno: What is trailer trash?
Tiffany, the Stylist: It's kind of backwoods, very poor, dressing with what you have around.
Bruno: Oh, so they are like very primitive, rubbish people.
Tiffany, the Stylist: Mmm-hmm.
Bruno: So tell me, do you hope that these white trashing people will buy the clothes?
Tiffany, the Stylist: I don't think they can afford it. [pause]
Bruno: [laughing hysterically] Oh, they are too poor!

Movie: Ali