Airport 1975 Quotes

Captain Stacy: I hear we expect a bumpy ride tonight.
Urias: I used to know a stewardess who thought that was sexy.
Captain Stacy: You're weird, you know that?

Movie: Airport 1975
Gloria Swanson: The mountains - we're so close!

Movie: Airport 1975
Gloria Swanson: I guess everyone had given up hope including the Doctors. Nobody expected me to live, but then I've never done anything I was expected to do.

Movie: Airport 1975
[Barney attracts the attention of a woman sewing]
Barney: Pardon me. Don't your hands ever get tired?
Passenger: Idle hands...
Barney: By the time we land you'll probably have a rug!
Passenger: [confused] A rug?

Movie: Airport 1975
[in reference to Janice Abbott arriving on the stretcher]
Gloria Swanson: Oh how bless I am, three children, seven grandchildren and all healthy thank God!

Movie: Airport 1975