Airport Quotes

Ada Quonsett: Now there's nothing to be nervous about. I've flown thousands of miles and I can tell you it's a lot safer than crossing the street!

Movie: Airport
Bette: Nancy?
Nancy Pryor: [In reference to the plane being at a lower altitude in relation to the top of the mountains] OH MY GOD! Bette we're too low.
Bette: What are you supposed to do?
Nancy Pryor: I don't know... I know they are worried about airspeed. Now... if we climb, the airspeed drops. I could stall us out.
Bette: The Captain! He said he could help us.
Captain Stacy: Thrust levers.
Bette: Thrust levers, what about them?
Captain Stacy: Forward... an inch.
Bette: All right, anything else?
Captain Stacy: One-ninety hold.
Captain Stacy: One nine zero airspeed.

Movie: Airport
Marcus Rathbone: What's more, the captain deliberately struck me across the face!
Cy Jordan: Unless you shut up, the second officer's going to do exactly the same thing.

Movie: Airport
Tanya Livingston: There's bound to be a passenger with a wrenched back. I'd better get out there with some release forms and plenty of sympathy and understanding.

Movie: Airport
[Recalling her days being a rebel with other actresses against studio pressure in Hollywood, while on the plane]
Gloria Swanson: That's easy, Carole Lombard and Grace Moore, I was a rebel too.

Movie: Airport
[Customs Agent Standish catches a woman trying to smuggle diamonds]
Harry Standish: [tiredly] When will they learn? The *duty* would have been about *one-tenth* of what the *fine* is gonna be!

Movie: Airport