Age-Old Friends Quotes

Cooper: [Pretending to be a World War II American soldier] You'd better think twice, Fritz! I have a howitzer trained on the door!
Nurse Wilson: Good Morning, Mr. Cooper
Cooper: Ah! Comrade! Comrade!
Nurse Wilson: You better eat this while it's hot.
Cooper: To do that I'd have to perch on the cart as it left the kitchen. [Noticing that Nurse Wilson is making the bed]
Cooper: I do hope you're tucking those sheets in nice and tight.
Nurse Wilson: Why?
Cooper: Well it'd spoil the nightly challenge if I could get into bed easily. By the way, I dreamt about you again last night; you were totally naked.
Nurse Wilson: Now there's a surprise.
Cooper: Except.
Nurse Wilson: Except?
Cooper: Except for a long strand of pearls gently dangling between your full breasts.
Nurse Wilson: [chuckles] I don't have full breasts.
Cooper: Well it was a dream.
Nurse Wilson: Well I'm not exactly flat chested.
Cooper: Ohh so I've noticed.
Nurse Wilson: Why do I waste time with you?
Cooper: Because I talk of today! Because I talk of beautiful things like your fairly full breasts better than senile ramblings of an age before you were born. [Noticing Nurse Wilson bending over]
Cooper: Wilson, just out of curiosity, how high up do those stockings go?
Nurse Wilson: I'm wearing pantyhose.
Cooper: What a shame!
Nurse Wilson: [Sco

TV Show: Age-Old Friends