Blue Caprice Quotes

John: I've created a monster.

Movie: Blue Caprice
Ray: Some people do know what they want. Some people don't. As soon as you *do* know what you want, you can start making some decisions.

Movie: Blue Caprice
Lee: [talking about his mother]She not coming back, is she?
John: I don't know. When I was your age I used to play a game called Life is not fair. You know why they call that? Cause life is not fair. It sucks. But you gotta play. I don't know... maybe she wants to come back. But she can't.
Lee: Maybe she's dead.
John: What d'you say?
Lee: I hope she is.

Movie: Blue Caprice
John: [observing people]They think all this is permanent. They don't realize the house of cards they're living in. All of them. All it would take is a little push. A few bodies. Well, more than a few bodies. Maybe five, six a day - for 30 days. Random targets. No, not random targets. When they think it's men, kill a woman. When they think it's women, kill a kid. Think it's kids, kill a pregnant woman, a grandma, a cop. At the cop's funeral, plant a bomb. Lots of bombs. Blow up a whole bus full of cops. They'd have to call in the national guard then. Total chaos. The system comes down.

Movie: Blue Caprice
John: I used to live here. People used to live here. Real people, I thought. Everybody turned into ghosts. It was like I didn't exist anymore. Well, not everybody. Some of them turned out to be vampires. Suck me dry. People I would've never expected. My wife. Just one day I woke up, and I don't know how I didn't see it before. It's evil. Real evil. There are some evil... people in this world.

Movie: Blue Caprice
John: And then she just gets to live here, like nothing ever happened. The fucking vampire. I hope she dies.
Lee: Vampires can't die. They're already dead.
John: That's right. 'Cause they aren't people. What kind of person breaks up a family like that anyway?

Movie: Blue Caprice
Ray: Well, well. What do we have here?
John: Hey man, we don't want any trouble.
Ray: Well that's tough, 'cuz you *are* the fuckin' trouble.
John: No trouble. Just a good-looking black man running on a hot day.

Movie: Blue Caprice
John: Do you love me?
Lee: [yes]
John: Then I need you to do something for me.

Movie: Blue Caprice
John: You did great!
Lee: I think it was the wrong lady.
John: It doesn't matter. It could be anybody. Anybody could have done it. And if it could be anybody, then we're invisible.

Movie: Blue Caprice
[last lines] Case Worker: There's gotta be meaning. There's gotta be a reason. Was it for money?
Lee: [No]
Case Worker: Was it for revenge?
Lee: [No]
Case Worker: Was it some kind of belief?
Lee: [just looks down]
Case Worker: If you're not going to answer me, how can I...
Lee: Since you're asking so many questions, can I ask you a question now?
Case Worker: Sure, ask me anything you want.
Lee: Where's my father?

Movie: Blue Caprice