About Last Night... Quotes

Bernie: What do you do?
Joan: Me?
Bernie: Well, yeah for a living?
Joan: I'm a neurosurgeon, you?
Bernie: I'm a prizefighter. Do you know much about boxing?
Joan: No...
Bernie: I'm the heavyweight champion of the world.

Movie: About Last Night...
Danny: That's good! Now maybe you could find it in your heart to take this thing and shove it up your ass.

Movie: About Last Night...
Joan: So, did you have a nice evening?
Debbie: Yes. And I crawled away in shame.
Joan: Oh, aren't we a couple of sluts? [Both giggle]
Debbie: I can't believe I slept with him on the first date!
Joan: It wasn't even a date, Deb.
Debbie: [rolls eyes] Thank you. [pauses]
Debbie: I tell you, though. I couldn't help myself, because he is *so* gorgeous.
Joan: But can he type?

Movie: About Last Night...
Man in Joan's Apartment: [emerging from bedroom half-dressed] What's breakfast?
Joan: Egg McMuffin. Corner of Broadway and Belmont.

Movie: About Last Night...
[about a workshop on relationships]
Joan: Men and women - sharing, working out their hate.
Debbie: I'm sick of hating. I mean, God, Joan. I don't think I have any hate left.
Joan: Yes you do - you just don't know it.

Movie: About Last Night...