Abjad Quotes

Mollah of Qom: Now, my son, tell me how you imagine the Lord?
Emkan: God is the light of heaven and earth.
Mollah of Qom: Fine. Have you already pursued the path of religion?
Emkan'Father: He was a mokaber in a mosque for years.
Mollah of Qom: May the Lord bless the Prophet and his descendants! You must also know the Koran?
Emkan: I know it by heart.
Emkan'Father: He even went regularly to Koranic school.
Mollah of Qom: You know that this is a boarding school. Will you stand being away from your parents?
Emkan: When one is in love, separation from one's parents is meaningless. I am in love with learning.
Mollah of Qom: Excellent. What else do you know by heart?
Emkan: I saw a train carrying light. I saw another train carrying religion. Its progress was slow. I saw another train carrying politics. It was very empty. I saw another train carrying water lilies and canaries. Then I saw a plane flying a thousand feet above, on whose windows I could see the dust...

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