ABBA - The Movie Quotes

[everyone is looking through concert reviews the next morning]
Benny: [reading headline] Agnetha's Bottom Tops... [covering the word Dull with his thumb]
Benny: ... Show.
Agnetha: Oh, my God... don't they have bottoms in Australia?
Björn: [reading from the article] A middle-aged man beside me said, with feeling, 'It's *really* something worth seeing!' [laughs]
Agnetha: Hey, at least I did *something* for the show, didn't I!

Movie: ABBA - The Movie
[Ashley, seeking an interview, waits nearby as ABBA get into their limo]
Ashley Wallace: Can I ...
Bodyguard: [cutting him off] No, you can't.

Movie: ABBA - The Movie