Aaron Quotes

Adam Chester: Why'd you leave? Why here? You picked somewhere really far away.
Chris Barry: I don't know. Had to get out. Get away I guess. Probably seems really stupid now.

Movie: Aaron
Chris Barry: You know, I've been living here three years now. And I think I've gotten five texts from you in that time. And the only time mum ever calls is whenever she wants to bitch about what you've been up to. So it seems that no matter how far away I move, no matter how much distance I put between the two of us, I really can't escape from you and your shit!

Movie: Aaron
Adam Chester: I'm sorry.
Chris Barry: What?
Adam Chester: You never got to meet your nephew.
Chris Barry: So it was a boy?
Adam Chester: Yeah. Yeah he was.

Movie: Aaron
Adam Chester: It's a shame you're not here right now. You would have loved it here. And I would have spoiled you rotten. Happy Birthday.

Movie: Aaron