A Taxi Driver Quotes

Man-seob: [in Korean]What a miser. [still in Korean, to Peter]
Man-seob: Glare at me like that and I'll rip your eyes out. You don't know what I'm saying, do you? [Peter calmly puts on his sunglasses. Man-seob switches to English]
Man-seob: Let's go Gwang-ju.

Movie: A Taxi Driver
Man-seob: You know... I earned some money in Saudi Arabia. But my wife got sick and I spent it all on hospital bills. At the end, my wife insisted that I buy that taxi. And the doctor said so, too, so I should look after our daughter. We could have tried more meds, but I didn't argue. That's the kind of guy I am. The rest have to go on living, right? Because after my wife died, I got drunk every day. [Tears begin to stream down his face]
Man-seob: One day I woke up, and she was crying, holding onto her mom's old clothes. [He starts sobbing]
Man-seob: She must have missed her so much. I quit drinking that day. I'm the only one she has left.

Movie: A Taxi Driver
Man-seob: His English is even worse than mine...

Movie: A Taxi Driver
[Man-seob sees Peter sitting against a radiator in the hospital ward, in a depressed stupor. He speaks to him in Korean] Man-seob: Why are you sitting here? You need to record all this. [He presses the film reel into Peter's hand]
Man-seob: You promised, to tell people. It needs to be broadcast, so people will know. [He gently shakes Peter's arm]
Man-seob: You're a reporter. Shoot this. Jae-sik, and this, too. [He grabs the camera and squeezes Peter's arm encouragingly]
Man-seob: Here. [after a moment, Peter gets to his feet and tentatively begins to film]

Movie: A Taxi Driver
Man-seob: [taking the camera bag out of his taxi and handing it to Peter]I don't know. I really didn't know. You said to follow, and then you sped off. I don't know the roads here. You know how hard I searched?
Yong-pyo: Hey, mister, that ain't so. People saw you take a U-turn.
Man-seob: Hey, Yong-pyo! Watch it!
Tae-sul: Would he really take off without collecting his fare?
Peter: [to Man-seob]Here, the other half of the fare. So you just go back to Seoul. I'm better off on my own.
Gwangju taxi driver: What? He charged 50,000 won just to come here?
Jae-sik: Actually, they agreed on 100,000 won, and he already received half. [Man-seob looks up guiltily from the money he's counting]
Gwangju taxi driver: 100,000 won?

Movie: A Taxi Driver
Man-seob: [as he abandons the journalist and the demonstrators]Can't risk my car getting damaged in the protest again...

Movie: A Taxi Driver
Peter: If it's about repairs, let me pay for it. [He hands a wad of cash to Man-seob]
Man-seob: [in Korean]DID I ASK YOU FOR MONEY?

Movie: A Taxi Driver