A Shock to the System Quotes

George Brewster: Space invaders, Graham. The new people - all gadgets and the bottom line. Stop them early, or they'll run right over you! "We can be more efficient than such-and-such a program..." Blah blah blah, it's all bullshit, Graham, soup to nuts. It's code for mass firings and low quality. Just melt the market dry, and get out. I mean, if our system wasn't any good, why did they take us over in the first place? Christ!

Movie: A Shock to the System
Graham Marshall: [on commuter train] You look fit today, George. Ready to do battle?
George Brewster: It's all up for me, and I've done what I can for you! So let's just read our papers...
Graham Marshall: I think you're jumping the gun.
George Brewster: Oh, come on. The whole point of these takeovers is to sell off the assets, and put old farts like me out to pasture. I can hear the fat lady singing, Graham. I can hear her singing.

Movie: A Shock to the System
Robert Benham: This isn't exactly comfortable for me, I know you wanted this job. I suppose if we were rival princes, I could just have you killed. It would save a lot of politics.
Graham Marshall: It's not that easy to kill someone and get away with it.

Movie: A Shock to the System
[repeated line]
Graham Marshall: Abra kadabra. Shalakazam. Bye-bye, baby. Boom.

Movie: A Shock to the System