A Pinch of Snuff Quotes

[discussing an interview with a suspect]
Insp. Andy Dalziel: So, Godfrey Blengdale's a member of the Cally Club. And him a clean-rectummed Alderman and Justice of the Peace with a class-act county wife. Well, well, well!
Det Sgt Edgar Wield: According to Mr Arany's statement...
Insp. Andy Dalziel: It took him long enough to deliver. You didn't bounce him off t'wall hard enough, did you?
Det Sgt Edgar Wield: [pompously] We observed the correct procedures, Sir - at all times.
Insp. Andy Dalziel: No wonder he messed you about. There's a moral there, Sergeant.
Det Sgt Edgar Wield: Anyroad, according to Arany he left Mr Blengdale with Dr Haggard at about 11: 15 on the night of the murder.
Insp. Andy Dalziel: Then some stupid sod best have a word with Godfrey Call Me God Blengdale... hadn't he?
Det Sgt Edgar Wield: Meaning me, Sir?
Insp. Andy Dalziel: No, Sergeant, modestly I was alluding to myself.

TV Show: A Pinch of Snuff