A Perfect State Quotes

Gareth: [dictating into a small recorder] To the Minister. Sir: With regard to your wife's request for the return of the curved cucumber to our shops. Please, could you tell the good lady that it has taken the European Community seven years and forty million pounds to make the euro-cucumber the proud, firm, straight, and upright thing it is today. Hoping this will satisfy her, I remain, etcetera.

Movie: A Perfect State
Gareth: Now, what's the problem?
Simon: Well, not a problem, but I would say: 'Cave posteriorum'.
Gareth: What?
Simon: Look out for your backside.

Movie: A Perfect State
Malcolm: [about Castro] Fidel is ideologically pure.
Julie: Even if the ideology didn't work.
Malcolm: The ideology was fine; it was the people that didn't work.
Julie: Oh, he should have got rid of the people,then; Stalin did.

Movie: A Perfect State
Malcolm: I've had enough. I've absolutely had enough. See, it was the boys who took your car after all; I was right all along. But I can't run this town properly if I'm going to have you lily-livered, wishy-washy liberals interfering all the time. So, I'm tendering my resignation.
Winston: Accepted.
Malcolm: Now, I know you want me to stay.
Laura: No, we don't.
Malcolm: But my mind is made - What?
Julie: Your resignation has been accepted.
Malcolm: Why? What's wrong with me?
Laura: We've already replaced you.
P.C. Bill: Hello, Malcolm.
Malcolm: But he's a policeman.
Laura: Yes, we thought that was a reasonable qualification for the job of policeman.
Malcolm: Oh, I see.
Julie: You were very good, Malcolm, but maybe teaching is your true vocation.
Malcolm: Hmm, yes. Well, maybe you're right. Probably does need some sort of jack-booted fascist git to run things properly. Welcome back, Bill. Evening, all.

Movie: A Perfect State
[first lines]
Laura: Ready? OK, Winston, the world is watching! Tits out, tummy in.
Winston: Citizens of the Independent State of Flatby, it gives me great pride and pleasure as Mayor of Flatby to...
Julie: Uh, no no no. Sorry, not Mayor.
Winston: What?
Laura: Julie, shut up.
Julie: But he's no longer Mayor.
Winston: [indicating chain of office] So what's this then, my bloody tonsils?
Malcolm: She means that Mayor is an English title.
Julie: You are now Head of the Administrative Board.
Winston: Oh good, I'm so glad; it's nice to know who you are. It gives me great pleasure as Head of the Administrative Board of the Indepndent State of Flatby to inaugurate this border crossing and unveil this wonderful sign.

Movie: A Perfect State