Fever Pitch Quotes

Jo: [regarding Sarah's sudden interest in her boyfriend's favorite team] It's all a sinister form of male manipulation.
Sarah Hughes: Rubbish!
Jo: It's true! You get colonized! Your native culture gets driven out, and it's replaced by stuff that you don't like and don't even want to know about.

Movie: Fever Pitch
Lindsey Meeks: [the Yankee Red Sox game is on] No, it's the game! [holding Ben's ears]
Ben: No, I'm fine. It's just a game.

Movie: Fever Pitch
Lindsey Meeks: You don't see us tangled up in the sheets with the Eiffel Tower in the background. You see the Mariners are coming in, and Pedro's pitching Friday.
Ben: No, on Saturday. Schilling's Friday.

Movie: Fever Pitch
Lindsey Meeks: Wow, you have quite a little group here.
Ben: Well, it's my summer family.

Movie: Fever Pitch
Ted, the Headmaster: I wanted to talk to you about a vacancy. Rosie Hunter's handed in her notice I wonder whether you'd be interested in applying.
Paul Ashworth: Head of year? Erm, well...
Ted, the Headmaster: It's obviously not the most attractive offer you've ever had.
Paul Ashworth: *Come on Ben, get back with him!* Sorry Ted.
Ted, the Headmaster: I haven't fired you with enthusiasm.
Paul Ashworth: Well there's a lot of work, isn't it? What do I want to do more work for?
Ted, the Headmaster: More money?
Paul Ashworth: Well I've got enough to pay my rent, I got enough for my season ticket and a couple of records a month. Got no family.
Ted, the Headmaster: I'd like you to think about it.
Paul Ashworth: Sorry Ted as far as I'm concerned there's nothing to think about. *Come on Sam, put it away!*

Movie: Fever Pitch
[first lines]
Al: [voice over] Eighty-six years of bangin' our heads against the big green wall, but we finally did it. That part you know. That part everybody knows. But I got a story you don't know. It's about this schoolteacher friend of mine named Ben.

Movie: Fever Pitch