Air Bud Quotes

Popov: We're Russians! We demand you take us to the Russian imbecile!
Natalya: It's Embassy, imbecile!

Movie: Air Bud
[a day or two, after Principle Pepper fired P. E. coach Barker at the Junior High school, Josh knocked on Principle Pepper's office door]
Josh Framm: Mrs. Pepper?
Principal Pepper: Mm-hmm.
Josh Framm: Um, have you found basketball coach yet?
Principal Pepper: Mm-hmm. Yes, Larry's father volunteered. Just until we find a new P. E. teacher.
Josh Framm: [Josh started to leave, but then went back to her door] Okay.
Principal Pepper: Mm-hmm. [as Josh opened her door, the second time]
Josh Framm: Would it be weird, if I make a suggestion? [Josh then suggested Norm Chaney, to her, to be the next P. E. coach]

Movie: Air Bud