A Love Song for Bobby Long Quotes

Lawson Pines: That girl looks so much like Lorraine. Remember the first time you took me to see her sing was my first time in New Orleans. [pause]
Lawson Pines: I was so taken.
Bobby Long: Well... you were kind of. You were kind of sheltered. Choked by that silver spoon.
Lawson Pines: I thought she was so beautiful.
Bobby Long: She was.

Movie: A Love Song for Bobby Long
Lawson Pines: Winter never feels truly at home in New Orleans. An unwelcomed visitor that shows up long enough to remind us of what we're missing, then leaves us just in time for us to forget again.

Movie: A Love Song for Bobby Long
Bobby Long: Lawson is not in love with you.
Georgianna: Bobby, I don't think thats any of your damn business.
Bobby Long: I've seen him with a woman that he can't get enough of. A woman that's crawled into every molecule of his being. That consumed his every thought and turned him into a creature of devotion and obsession. I have the scars of that love on my face, have ya told her about that? Have you told her about the difference between true love and a warm bed to pass the time away?
Lawson Pines: Oh cool it man. Don't go after her, I never said I was going anywhere.
Bobby Long: I only speak the truth. The woman deserves to know the truth. And you, you're free to do as you please.
Lawson Pines: Am I, really? Finally free huh?
Bobby Long: I wanna say something on this occasion where I celebrate my love and frienships with one another. Friend, my enemy, I call you out. You, you, you there with a bad thorn in your side. You there, my friend, with a winning air. Who pawned the lie on me when he looked brassly at my shyest secret. With my whole heart under your hammer. That though I loved him for his faults as much as for his good. My friend were an enemy upon stilts with his head in a cunning cloud.
Lawson Pines: Bravo, man. Now why dont you come out and ****ing say what you really mean. Does every word out of your mouth have to be in character? Or is that the idea? Just to be anyone but who you really are. You want to tell me that your disappointed in me? Cause maybe im disappointed in you. You know I never asked to write your damn book. Your redemption and my penance, right? Havent I paid? Nine ****ing years. I'm sorry. I am sorry all right. I am so ****ing sorry.
Bobby Long: It's Dylan Thomas. That's an easy

Movie: A Love Song for Bobby Long
Cecil: Your mama thought you were golden so we named you after yellow flowers and corn. This is you here... [cuts some purslane from garden]
Cecil: ...pretty, golden purslane.
Pursy Will: Purslane's really a weed, you know. A neighbor told me when I was 9 and I ran over his tomato plants. He said all gardeners hate purslane.
Cecil: Yeah, and dandelions. Doesn't stop kids from making wishes on 'em.

Movie: A Love Song for Bobby Long
Georgianna: So now what? Lorraine finally kick ya'll out?
Bobby Long: No... she never would. Besides, God wouldn't let that happen.
Lawson Pines: Really? And why not?
Bobby Long: Cause God knows me and I know God.

Movie: A Love Song for Bobby Long
Lawson Pines: Time was never a friend to Bobby Long. It would conspire against him, allowing him to believe in a generous nature and then rob him blind everytime. We'd lost Lorraine. All of us. But long before she died.

Movie: A Love Song for Bobby Long