A Little Princess Quotes

Amelia Minchin: [about Lottie] I swear, that child has a pact with Satan to destroy me!

Movie: A Little Princess
Captain Reginald Crewe: You learning me by heart little Sara?
Sara Crewe: No daddy, I know you by heart. You're inside my heart.

Movie: A Little Princess
Geoffrey Hamilton: Rose, something's wrong. What is it?
Rose Hamilton: Miss Minchin has taken away my Thursday afternoons.
Geoffrey Hamilton: But why?
Rose Hamilton: We mustn't be seen together.
Geoffrey Hamilton: Does that mean that I can never see you alone again?
Rose Hamilton: Of course not, darling. No matter what Miss Minchin says, we'll find a way.
Geoffrey Hamilton: I can't understand the woman! What is she so afraid of? Why shouldn't we see each other?
Rose Hamilton: Gossip, I suppose. Miss Minchin lives for that school and her ideas of pride and snobbishness.
Geoffrey Hamilton: Fiddlesticks! She's afraid of losing an excellent teacher whom she gets for nothing! I won't stand for it! I'll have a talk with her myself!
Rose Hamilton: Oh no, darling, you mustn't do that. She'd only discharge us both.
Geoffrey Hamilton: She might not have the chance if things continue to pop in South Africa.

Movie: A Little Princess
Maya: All women are princesses, it is our right.

Movie: A Little Princess
Miss Minchin: Beg Miss Lavina's pardon.
Sara Crewe: No I won't beg her pardon because it was her fault!
Miss Minchin: Beg her pardon! [Sara bites her lip]
Miss Minchin: Don't laugh at me you insolent child! [slaps Sara]
Miss Amelia: Mirah!
Sara Crewe: I wasn't laughing, I was thinking.
Miss Minchin: What?
Sara Crewe: I was thinking it would be a surpise if I turned out to be a princess after all. Wouldn't it?

TV Show: A Little Princess
Sara Crewe: Papa? Maya told me that all girls are princesses.
Capt. Crewe: Maya... is a very wise woman.
Sara Crewe: Then it's true?
Capt. Crewe: You can be anything you want to be, my love, as long as you believe.
Sara Crewe: What do you believe?
Capt. Crewe: I believe that you are... and always will be... my little princess.

Movie: A Little Princess
[Randolph and his servant are at a military hospital, where Randolph has discovered that the amnesiac soldier there is not his son John]
Charles Randolph: All the hoping... you must think me a fool.
Ram Dass: Is it your wish to be wise, sahib?
Charles Randolph: I don't know. I suppose a wise man wouldn't have come here at all.
Ram Dass: But if he had, he would have looked more closely upon the soldier's face.
Charles Randolph: And what would he have seen?
Ram Dass: Pain, sahib. He needs to be cared for.
Charles Randolph: He's not my responsibility.
Ram Dass: A wise man would remember that this soldier was in John's regiment. If his memory returns... he might tell sahib what happened to his son. Perhaps sahib would learn that John is in British hospital now wishing a kind man would take him home... away from his pain.

Movie: A Little Princess