A Girl Like Me - The Gwen Araujo Story Quotes

Sylvia Guerrero: All that work to get you into a new school where kids wouldn't make fun of you. I just don't get it. Will you talk to me?
Eddie: You don't wanna talk.
Sylvia Guerrero: I'm asking... [Eddie interrupts]
Eddie: But you don't. I see you working so hard to make us like, everybody else.
Sylvia Guerrero: No to make you happy.
Eddie: I hate my life mom, I hate it every single day!
Sylvia Guerrero: Don't say that.
Eddie: There's something wrong with me!
Sylvia Guerrero: There is nothing wrong with you!
Eddie: You see? You, I can't it no matter how hard I try it's like everybody knows so I'm not gonna hide it anymore just to be what you want to make me! [walks out of the room]
Sylvia Guerrero: [catches Eddie before walking down the hallway] It's not what I want to make you. God made you!
Eddie: If God made me then Gods a sadist. [walks away]

TV Show: A Girl Like Me - The Gwen Araujo Story