A Caribbean Mystery Quotes

Jason Rafiel: I had to think about this quite a bit before mentioning it to you.
Inspector Weston: And why is that, Mr. Rafael?
Jason Rafiel: It wasn't my idea, and the person who had it - the idea, I mean - is a little old lady who knits and wears lace. She also has a mind like a bacon slicer.
Inspector Weston: Why didn't she come to me herself?
Jason Rafiel: She didn't think you'd take her seriously.
Inspector Weston: I might have done.
Jason Rafiel: I doubt it. It's a very good disguise. She even had me fooled for a minute. [He laughs]
Inspector Weston: Better have her name for the record.
Jason Rafiel: Miss Marple.
Inspector Weston: [Startled] What?
Jason Rafiel: Miss Marple.
Inspector Weston: You wouldn't know if this lady comes from a village in England called St. Mary Mead?
Jason Rafiel: Yeah, yeah! That rings a bell... I think that's what she said - something like that anyway. How do you know that?
Inspector Weston: [Laughs] Magnificent! I've heard her called the best personality analyst in the world, a ruthless forensic brain - a mind like a bacon slicer would do very well.

TV Show: A Caribbean Mystery