Zorro Quotes

Don Diego de la Vega: You cannot imagine, Rafael, how I have dreamed of this moment, night and day, twenty long years.
Don Rafael Montero: Really? I haven't given you a second thought.

TV Show: Zorro
Don Manuel Vega [Ch. 1]: I will be eternally indebted to you, Senor. Who are you?
James Vega: You may call me... Zorro.
Joyce Andrews: Zorro? But Zorro...
James Vega: Yes, senorita, Zorro has been dead these many years - but the spirit of Zorro will never die.

TV Show: Zorro
Esteban: [to guards] Remember, he is cunning, he is crafty. He's not just going to walk in here and say 'Here I am!'
Zorro: Here I am!

TV Show: Zorro
Gov. Felipe: I propose that Kala be hanged in the public square tomorrow morning.
Manuel Gonzalez: Excellent - make an example of him!
Chief Justice Pablo: I also agree. Show the Yaquis they cannot break our laws and live and we'll have little to fear from that quarter.
Don Diego Vega: Except bloodshed and death.

TV Show: Zorro
[whispering to his baby son]
Alejandro Murrieta: And so it was. Lighting split the sky, thunder shook the earth, and then all was quiet. The great warrior known as Zorro was gone. The people of the land gave him a hero's funeral, the largest anyone had ever seen. They came from far and wide to say farewell to their brave and noble champion. But don't worry, little Joaquin. Whenever great deeds are remembered, your grandfather will live on. For there must always, always be a Zorro. And some day, when he's needed, we will see him again... on his fearsome steed Tornado, riding like the wind, his sword blazing in the sun... leaping, jumping, swinging through the air... fighting like a lion. Fighting like a tiger. Fighting... [sees Elena watching him]
Alejandro Murrieta: ...as safely as possible.
Elena: Is this your idea of putting the baby to sleep?

TV Show: Zorro