Zombies on Broadway Quotes

Gus: I got an idea, boss.
Ace Miller: Brother, I need an idea to get out of this jam.
Gus: The cops find these two guys' bodies with a note pinned on 'em sayin' they committed suicide on account of they were so ashamed because they couldn't deliver a real zombie.
Ace Miller: Hey, that's a possibility!

Movie: Zombies on Broadway
Jerry Miles: Professor, I don't understand it. Professor Hopkins said you made a great study of zombies.
Dr. Paul Renault: Professor Hopkins always was strange. Some people say he was crazy, but I don't think he was crazy... not very crazy, anyway.

Movie: Zombies on Broadway
Joseph: It seems a waste to make a beautiful girl a zombie.
Dr. Paul Renault: She'll be just as nice to look at... and if this formula works, her beauty will be preserved indefinitely.

Movie: Zombies on Broadway