The Bashful Buzzard Quotes

Mamma Buzzard: Oh, what is-a happened to my little baby? My little bambino! Oh, where is-a my killer? [cries]
Mamma Buzzard: Killer, come home! [sobbing]
Mamma Buzzard: Oh, my little killer, my little bambino... Oh, where's-a my killer...
Beaky Buzzard: Umm... ah, yes?
Mamma Buzzard: Killer! My darling! [hugs and kisses him]
Mamma Buzzard: My baby... So! I send you out-a for meat, but you always-a come-a home with de empty fingers! You never, never bring-a home-a one teensy weensy piece of a meat-a!
Sea Serpent: [being held by his tail by Beaky and hanging beside the cliff, invisible to Mamma Buzzard] Well now, I, um, I wouldn't say that...

Movie: The Bashful Buzzard