Young Blades Quotes

King Louis XIV: Cardinal Mazarin wants to get rid of my Musketeers!
Cardinal Mazarin: They are ruffians My Lady.
Queen Anne: Then get rid of them.
King Louis XIV: But I like them!
Queen Anne: Then don't get rid of them. Which necklace?
Cardinal Mazarin: The emeralds, My Lady.
Queen Anne: I'll wear the diamonds.

TV Show: Young Blades
Gerard Roget: Remember, that man is my sister.

TV Show: Young Blades
Jaqueline Rochey: [Dressed in men's clothes] 'Scuse me, I am interested in enlisting in the musketeers.
D'Artagnan: Yes, and I'd like to be the Queen of Romania!
Jaqueline Rochey: You are rude.
D'Artagnan: Oh it was a joke.
Jaqueline Rochey: You will apologize.
D'Artagnan: Well I thought I just did.
Jaqueline Rochey: An excuse is not an apology.
D'Artagnan: Well, aren't we the little Bantam Cock?
Jaqueline Rochey: More insults. [pulls out a knife]
Jaqueline Rochey: Draw your weapon!
D'Artagnan: [laughs] Now all you need is a fork and you can dine with Ramon!
Jaqueline Rochey: Draw your weapon Sir!

TV Show: Young Blades
Siroc: Now, I lit the first fuse. When you pick up the prisoner, use this to light the second fuse.
D'Artagnan: Fuse? For what?
Siroc: For the gunpowder. How do you think you get up in the air? Oh, I almost forgot, here's a little bag of peanuts... Seemed like a good idea. Oh and, uh, cover your ears. [runs for cover]

TV Show: Young Blades