When Will I Be Loved Quotes

[Ford is trying to convince Vera to sleep with the Count for money]
Ford: I'm a mentor. I'm not a hustler. I'm a conduit, I'm a circuit. Listen... Listen to me very carefully. My whole mission on this planet right now in relation to you is to introduce you to yourself. You know that. You're a deeply sexual human being. You have major erotic power. The easiest thing, and the most selfish, would be to convince you to lend yourself to one person, even if that one person was myself. That would be suffocating to you, and ignoble of me. That's what a hustler would do, and I refuse to hustle. I'm looking to lead you down the path of Ovid and Sappho, D.H. Lawrence, Edna Saint Vincent Millay, to say nothing of the whole hip-hop revolution. It's the path of the Bible: Seek and you shall find. Know thyself. You're so ready right now to open yourself to discover your capacity for multiple men; multiple in the sense of at least a few. Maybe not at the same time, but sequentially. And - I know I'm getting ahead of myself here and you might not want to hear this because you're at least a year away from being there - but at some point you gonna be ready to explore women. And enjoy them. They already desire you all the time; you're just oblivious to it. But that's down the road, let's stick to the present for now: all that I'm asking is that you meet the Count...
Vera: [interrupting him] Set it up.
Ford: [not believing his ears] Really?

Movie: When Will I Be Loved