When Trumpets Fade Quotes

[Last lines] [Pvt. Sanderson is carrying David on his back, mortally wounded after the final battle, mirroring the movie's opening scene]
Pvt. David Manning: I'm not gonna make it. I'm losing too much blood.
Warren Sanderson: You're gonna make it. You're gonna owe me big, lieutenant.
Pvt. David Manning: I'm gonna owe you ****.
Warren Sanderson: Less than a mile, in less than a mile.
Pvt. David Manning: It's too far.
Warren Sanderson: It's not too far. [David lets out a sad, disheartened laugh]
Warren Sanderson: What's so funny?
Pvt. David Manning: ...You.
Warren Sanderson: You mean what?
Pvt. David Manning: Forget it.
Warren Sanderson: I'm taking you home, Dave.
Pvt. David Manning: Sure.
Warren Sanderson: You're going home. [David now looses conscience as the two walk off into the distance]

TV Show: When Trumpets Fade