Watership Down Quotes

Bigwig: Hyzenthlay.
Hyzenthlay: Sir?
Bigwig: I'd like to talk with you.
Hyzenthlay: I'm in the mark and under your orders, sir.
Bigwig: Do you remember a pale grey rabbit called Holly you helped escape some while ago?
Hyzenthlay: You've made a mistake, sir.
Bigwig: Listen, Hyzenthlay. Listen carefully. I'm from a warren where life is free. Where you can do is as you wish. I've come to bring you all out of Efrafra.
Hyzenthlay: You might be a spy sent by the council.
Bigwig: You know I'm not. Will you join us? And persuade your friends as well, trust me. My friends are not far away.
Hyzenthlay: [Voice is breaking] My courage, my... spirit is so much less than it was.
Bigwig: We can escape Efrafra. Believe me.
Hyzenthlay: Yes... I think I do. [She smiles]

Movie: Watership Down
Fiver: So cold... so very cold...

Movie: Watership Down
Hazel: Where are you going?
Fiver: Away, to the hills.
Hazel: By yourself, alone? You'll die!
Fiver: You're closer to death than I am.

Movie: Watership Down
Kehaar: You stupid bunnies!

Movie: Watership Down
Vervain: I'll make you scream for the Black Rabbit of Inlé, Primrose, but he'll be a long time coming!

Movie: Watership Down
Violet: [Running from a badger] It had just killed. I saw blood on it's lips.
Dandelion: Lucky for us it had, otherwise it might have been quicker!

Movie: Watership Down