Tobruk Quotes

Captain Berghman: Sorry, we have no tea. Perhaps you'll settle for chocolate.
Major Craig: Very British of you, Major.

Movie: Tobruk
Major Craig: A dead martyr is just another corpse!

Movie: Tobruk
Major Craig: I'll say one thing for the Germans, they certainly know how to build an engine.
Captain Berghman: It doesn't cost much, either, when they use slave labor. Two hundred Jew power, Major.
Major Craig: We all know what's going on in Europe.
Captain Berghman: Well, if you do, if you really do, there must be a little of the Jew in you.
Major Craig: They say there's a little of the Jew in everyone.
Captain Berghman: Jah, a little of the Nazi, too.

Movie: Tobruk