The Wolf Man Quotes

Dr. Frank Mannering: I can't do it! I can't destroy Frankenstein's creation. I've got to see it at its full power.

Movie: The Wolf Man
Gwen Conliffe: [Gwen and Larry are taking a moonlight walk] So you're a fortune teller?
Larry Talbot: Uh-huh.
Gwen Conliffe: Is that how you knew about the earrings?
Larry Talbot: Well, no exactly. You see, a telescope has a mighty sharp eye. It brings the stars so close that you feel you can almost touch them.
Gwen Conliffe: [shocked] A telescope?
Larry Talbot: Sure. And it does the same thing to people in their rooms - that is if you point it in the right direction.
Gwen Conliffe: Oh you wouldn't.
Larry Talbot: Well, now, I was only testing the refractor. I didn't know about you and all of sudden there you were.
Gwen Conliffe: From now on I'll be sure to draw the curtains.
Larry Talbot: Oh, don't do that, I mean, not on account of me. [stumbling]
Larry Talbot: I mean, well, you know what I mean.
Gwen Conliffe: [grinning] Yes, I'm afraid I do.

Movie: The Wolf Man
Larry Talbot: Don't try to make me believe that I killed a man when I know that I killed a wolf!
Doctor Lloyd: [patronizing Larry] Yes, yes. We're all a little bit confused.

Movie: The Wolf Man
Larry Talbot: It isn't a wolf... it's a werewolf!

Movie: The Wolf Man
Maleva: Are you the proprietor?
Vazec: I am. What do you beggars want?

Movie: The Wolf Man