The Waiting Game Quotes

Dan: Who would win a fight out of Iron Man or Batman?
Jenny: Iron Man.
Dan: I reckon that... wait...
Jenny: Because Robert Downey Jr. just eats your heart out.
Dan: But Batman's just badass. But Batman's morals is he doesn't kill people.
Jenny: But neither does Iron Man.
Dan: Yeah, he does. He, like, blasts them with his gun thing.
Jenny: They could be brothers because they're both really just rich. Really rich.

Movie: The Waiting Game
Sergeant Natalie Grant: What, they say we're the lucky country? We're just the lucky country because we're able to fit all these large buildings onto this tiny, little, heat-stroke island without having to branch out into the sea like Venice in Italy.
Detective Thomas Bird: What've you got against Venice? It's the city of love.
Sergeant Natalie Grant: [scoffs]Venice is not the city of love. Paris is the city of love. Venice is the city of piss; the city of self-defeat, of ingenious and non-ingenious. I mean, the fact that they had to build...
Detective Thomas Bird: You know what? Look, I like gondolas. This is the place. Let's go in.

Movie: The Waiting Game
Title card: The following feature contains frequent intentional jump cuts inspired by the Dogme 95 manifesto, of which this film visually pays homage to.
Title card: It also contains some strobing.

Movie: The Waiting Game
Sergeant Natalie Grant: Gentlemen, you're wasting time I could be using to walk my dog.

Movie: The Waiting Game
Detective Thomas Bird: How is she?
Leigh Bird: Shaken like a martini, thanks for asking.
Detective Thomas Bird: Oh, good, is that what they taught you in medical school? You know, if I wanted bullshit, I would've been a school teacher.

Movie: The Waiting Game
Leigh Bird: [about the rapist after Jacquie has been attacked again]He could've practised.
Detective Thomas Bird: Practised on what do you think? Animals, dead things, kids, women? Women. He practises on women. That's how they do it. And he's getting braver; that's why he's got the knife now. *That's* practise.
Leigh Bird: Well, it's not like I've any fucking practise, you know.

Movie: The Waiting Game
Jenny: Aren't people just the craziest.

Movie: The Waiting Game
Detective Thomas Bird: How're ya doing?
Jacquie Delice: You've asked me that like 6 times already.

Movie: The Waiting Game