Count Dracula Quotes

Abraham Van Helsing: It is over. She is dead.
Quincey P. Holmwood: Oh God! [sobbing]
Quincey P. Holmwood: Why, why?
Dr. John Seward: Quincey!
Abraham Van Helsing: Come, come, Quincey, look at her. Now look at her well.
Dr. John Seward: She doesn't look sick anymore.
Abraham Van Helsing: God is merciful.
Dr. John Seward: She's at peace. It is the end.
Abraham Van Helsing: Not so, alas, - it is only the beginning.

TV Show: Count Dracula
Count Dracula: I expect you are anxious to return to England.
Jonathan Harker: I should like to start back soon, it's true.
Count Dracula: Very well. Write a letter to your friends, saying that you have already left the Castle and arrived at Bistritz, where you are awaiting the weekly express.
Jonathan Harker: [suspiciously] May I ask with what object, sir?
Count Dracula: The posts are few, and uncertain. Writing now will ease the minds of Mister Hawkins and your fiancee.
Jonathan Harker: Count Dracula.
Count Dracula: Yes?
Jonathan Harker: I have been struck by a curious fact.
Count Dracula: Yes?
Jonathan Harker: I've not seen a single servant since I've been here. Yet my meals are served. My bed is made. Tell me, are we alone in the Castle?
Count Dracula: Alone? How could one be alone in this castle? In its most the past, the *living* past is present, surrounding us.
Jonathan Harker: That does *not* answer my question, sir. I've been here for three weeks and have not once stepped outside the Castle.
Count Dracula: I would gladly have shown you the countryside if you had expressed a wish to do so.
Jonathan Harker: When would we have gone? In the dead of night? I've never set eyes on you during the day.
Count Dracula: I have a large estate to manage.
Jonathan Harker: Nor have I seen you eat.
Count Dracula: I eat alone.
Jonathan Harker: [getting visibly upset] And who would have driven the coach?
Count Dracula

TV Show: Count Dracula
Renfield: [looking out of his cell window] Master, Master, are you coming soon?

TV Show: Count Dracula