The Storyteller - Greek Myths Quotes

"Young Danaë: [Acrisius locks his daughter in a cel] Father... father?
Acrisius: Nothing, now for both of us. No sons, no laughter, no joy, nothing but silences and funerals and things that might have been...

Movie: The Storyteller - Greek Myths
Atlas: Is it a man? All sounds are small. You make such a noise about your destiny. I'm tired of bearing the weight of heavens. And if I let go, the sky will fall on your heads.

Movie: The Storyteller - Greek Myths
The Dog: Is that it? The cap of invicibility? Nice!
The Storyteller: It's dogskin.
The Dog: I don't believe you! That cap of dogskin? That's disgusting.
The Storyteller: Well it is.
The Dog: Yuck!

Movie: The Storyteller - Greek Myths
The Storyteller: Daedalus, the master who designed this labyrinth. Who's mind produced these dizzy passages. Daedelus the genius, who invented ships which could sail under the sea, Fireworks which would knock down a wall, lenses, that set together could see as far as the stars. Fantastic machines. He fell so far, he fell so far from grace he finished a broken man. Making the same little clay figure over and over: a child with wing.
The Dog: A child with wings? who was that?
The Storyteller: The one thing Daedelus made he had no control of. The one thing he ever truly loved. Icarus, his son.

Movie: The Storyteller - Greek Myths
The Storyteller: When Orpheus played, the whole world wanted to move. It seemed that the roots of the trees would to haul themselves up from the Earth and dance to his rythm.

Movie: The Storyteller - Greek Myths