The Seagull Quotes

Masha: My foot's asleep.

Movie: The Seagull
Medvedenko: Why do you always wear black?
Masha: I'm in mourning for my life.
Medvedenko: Why? You're healthy. You have enough money to get by. Life's a lot harder for me. I'm a schoolteacher. I hardly make anything. You don't see me all in black.
Masha: It's not about money. Even a poor man can be happy.
Medvedenko: Every day, I meet with nothing but indifference from you.
Masha: Stop it, Medvedenko. I'm touched by your love. I just can't return it. That's all.

Movie: The Seagull
Masha: Don't look at me like that. A lot of women drink. Just not as openly as I do.

Movie: The Seagull
Masha: It's all ridiculous. Unrequited love. It only exists in novels. You can't sit around always hoping that something will happen. If you start to feel love in your heart, you've got to rip it out.

Movie: The Seagull
Boris Trigorin: Masha.
Masha: You recognized me.
Boris Trigorin: You're married now?
Masha: Yes.
Boris Trigorin: You're happy?
Masha: I'm married...

Movie: The Seagull
[last lines] Nina: [narration]All lives, all lives all lives, having accomplished their doleful circle, have died out. Fourteen. Already, thousands of centuries have passed since the Earth has borne one living creature. And in vain, the poor moon shines her light.

Movie: The Seagull