The Outcasts Quotes

Bert: That lady from Virginia sure changed the Major.
Cal Prince: Wait until the marriage and he'll get his same old even disposition back... always mad.

Movie: The Outcasts
Cal: I thought gamblers were supposed to be gentlemen.
John Oakhurst: Supposed to be. Actually, they're just gamblers.

Movie: The Outcasts
Jet Cosgrave: You come to the wrong place, Major.
Major Linton Cosgrave: So did you, Jet.
Jet Cosgrave: I'll give you five minutes to get out of here.
Major Linton Cosgrave: And I'll give you five seconds to go for your gun.

Movie: The Outcasts
Judy Polsen: Don't try it, Jet! There's nobody that can outshoot Major Cosgrave!
Jet Cosgrave: Maybe another Cosgrave can.

Movie: The Outcasts
Judy Polsen: I don't suppose I'm the first girl you've ever kissed, but I don't care... as long as I'm the last.

Movie: The Outcasts
[when the Kid tries to pull his pistol, Jet knocks him down]
Cal Prince: Take it easy, Kid! You know the Major doesn't want any gunplay around Miss Alice. Get up! Get in the rig.
The Kid: Maybe you'd like to try again some time - when we don't have an audience.
Jet Cosgrave: Any time you say. Only the second show might be a lot funnier. It'd be a shame if nobody saw it.

Movie: The Outcasts
Sugar: You think you skinny anaemic fanboys have a monopoly on the one fictional genre where women and people of colour get to exist outside of backward social norms of traditional confinement, not to mention a genre that is largely premised on the idea that is the inevitable outcome of the current systems of patriarchal excess? Idiot!

Movie: The Outcasts