The Lost World Quotes

Crazy Old Woman: Did you know I was the queen of the Nymphs and Fairies?
Malone: Of course you were.

Movie: The Lost World
Dr. Ian Malcolm: What's your background? Wildlife photography?
Nick Van Owen: Yeah. Wildlife, combat... you name it. When I was with Nightline, I was in Rwanda, Chechnya, all over Bosnia. Do some volunteer work for Greenpeace once in a while.
Dr. Ian Malcolm: Greenpeace? What drew you there?
Nick Van Owen: Women. 80 percent female, Greenpeace.
Dr. Ian Malcolm: That's noble.
Nick Van Owen: Yeah well, noble was last year. This year I'm getting paid. Hammond's check cleared, or I wouldn't be going on this wild goose chase...
Dr. Ian Malcolm: Uh, where your going is the only place in the world where the geese chase *you*!

Movie: The Lost World
Nick Van Owen: You seem to have some shred of sense. What are you doing here?

Movie: The Lost World
Sarah Harding: I love you. I just don't... need you right now.
Dr. Ian Malcolm: I'll tell you what you NEED, a good anti-psychotic!
Sarah Harding: I'll be back in five or six days.
Dr. Ian Malcolm: No, you'll be back in five or six PIECES!

Movie: The Lost World
Sarah Harding: You know, I have made a career out of waiting for you.
Kelly Malcolm: You know, Sarah does have a pretty good p...
Dr. Ian Malcolm: It's so important to your future that you not finish that sentence.

Movie: The Lost World
[Roxton's preparing for a jousting match at Camelot ]
Ned Malone: Please tell me this isn't your first joust.
Lord John Roxton: Sorry. How hard can it be? All I have to do is stick him before he sticks me.
Ned Malone: Wouldn't it be easier just to shoot him?
Lord John Roxton: Spoken like a faithful squire.

Movie: The Lost World