The Jungle Captive Quotes

[first lines]
Johnny, errand boy: Ah, my dear Ann! So glad to see you again after all these minutes. Twenty of them, at least.
Ann Forrester: *Fifty* minutes, Johnny.
Johnny, errand boy: Fifty minutes! Fifty years away from you, Ann.
Ann Forrester: You're not flattering me Johnny. Now what have you been doing?
Johnny, errand boy: Waiting for the specimen at Dr. Lees'.
Ann Forrester: I could check with Dr. Lees' office nurse, you know... but I'll let it go at that.
Johnny, errand boy: Ah, gee, thanks Ann. Dr. Lee would like to have reports quickly as possible.
Ann Forrester: I don't think we can run another test this afternoon, Johnny.
Johnny, errand boy: Well, that's OK with me. But if the boss wouldn't spend so much time experimenting with those rabbits, he'd get down to his own...
Ann Forrester: That's Mr. Stendahl's business, Johnny. And if you wouldn't spend so much time running errands... Deliver this to Dr. Jackson.
Johnny, errand boy: OK, Ann.

Movie: The Jungle Captive