The Inheritance Quotes

Ida Glenshaw: James Percy, what a lovely name, but you must hear that absolutly all the time.

TV Show: The Inheritance
Arthur Hamilton: Edith, you are my cousin, and I love you like a sister. Will you be my wife?

Movie: The Inheritance
Julie: What type of black family holds a reunion in the middle of the winter? Do they ski?
Martin: I doubt it.
Julie: Are they going to barbecue?
Martin: Probably.

Movie: The Inheritance
[first lines]Tyrone: Family reunion in the snow. They couldn't have this shit in Puerto Rico?

Movie: The Inheritance
Lily: Okay look, I'm a cook. He writes, he fights, and you, what? You play video games?
Simpson: Program.
Lily: Of video games?
Simpson: Just leave it at that.

Movie: The Inheritance
Simpson: Why is it dark outside, we just woke up.

Movie: The Inheritance
Karen: I guess for dinner, the three of you will be having some nice, yummy, delicious servings of ass-kissing. Because guess what. I don't beg.

Movie: The Inheritance
Felicia: This is no joke. This is not some old wives tale. This is a motherfucking cult! They start by draining the virgin's blood.
Karen: Aunt Felicia, Lily's not a virgin.
Uncle Melvin: Exactly.
Felicia: Well then a lesbian, which is good enough for the family.

Movie: The Inheritance
Uncle Melvin: You're drunk.
Felicia: And who gave me my first drink?

Movie: The Inheritance
[last lines]Karen: Don't fucking submit that.

Movie: The Inheritance