The Great Race Quotes

Fate, Max: A Parachut?

Movie: The Great Race
Prince Hapnick: You! You're the cause of it all! It was your idea!
General: No, no your highness... Baron von Schtupp
Prince Hapnik: I don't care, I don't care! You're banished. I'm getting a new tucker-inner! Banished, banished, banished!

Movie: The Great Race
Professor Fate: I'd like to see the great Leslie try that!

Movie: The Great Race
Professor Fate: You cheated! Cheated! I hate you! I refuse to accept! I won't win any way but my way! You've ruined my reputation, do you hear? You I hate! You and your hair that's always combed, your suit that's always white, your car that's always clean! I refuse to accept! I challenge you to another race! [crowd cheers]
Leslie: Get off my hood!
Professor Fate: Another race!

Movie: The Great Race
Professor Fate: The world is mine!
Max: The world is ours!

Movie: The Great Race
[on the iceberg]
Fate: You're wasting your time!
Leslie: Perhaps.
Fate: We're melting!
Leslie: Slowly.
Max: We're gonna sink!
Leslie: Eventually.
Fate: Then you're wasting your time!

Movie: The Great Race