The Ducksters Quotes

Daffy Duck: The next question is: What was Cleopatra's aunt's maiden name?
Porky Pig: Which one? Her maternal aunt, or her paternal?
Daffy Duck: Here, watch your language, bud. We're on the air.

Movie: The Ducksters
Daffy Duck: Who was the Father of our country?
Porky Pig: Th-That's easy! G-George W-Wash... [Alarm clock rings, Daffy hits Porky repeatedly with mallet]
Daffy Duck: Aw, I'm sorry! Time's up! You don't get the Super Chief, but you're still the winner of the Rocky Mountains, a 17-jeweled Half Nelson, and the La Brea Tar Pits!
Porky Pig: L-Lucky me!

Movie: The Ducksters