The Drummer and the Keeper Quotes

Eric: Remind me why you're here again.
Gabriel: I've just been... eh... over-indulging a bit.
Eric: Bipolar with psychotic and delusional episodes, it says here. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Movie: The Drummer and the Keeper
Christopher: Do you start with the biggest drum or the smallest one?
Gabriel: What are you doing here?
Christopher: Well, you said you are playing tonight. So, I looked up your name and found your band's name. Then I looked up that name and found out you were playing here tonight before another band that's better than you. Then I looked up the bus timetables.

Movie: The Drummer and the Keeper
Doctor Flahavan: After your mother died...
Gabriel: After she killed herself.
Doctor Flahavan: When she succumbed to her illness.

Movie: The Drummer and the Keeper
Pearse: Fancy a beer?
Christopher: By law, I'm not allowed have alcohol for fory-four more days.
Gabriel: Yeah, it's getting a bit late for you anyway, isn't it?
Pearse: I think you just earned the right to break the law.

Movie: The Drummer and the Keeper
Roly: They've abolished us.
Eric: Sorry?
Roly: There won't be any Asperger's Syndrome anymore. We'll all just be autistic.
Eric: Says who?
Roly: The American Psychiatric Association.
Eric: It was just a label, Roly.
Roly: Yeah, but it was our label and they've abolished it.
Eric: It's the way of the world, I'm afraid.
Roly: Well, then the world isn't fair.

Movie: The Drummer and the Keeper
[When he finds himself an in-patient in a mental hospital after an extreme episode] Gabriel: At least in jail I'd have a release date.

Movie: The Drummer and the Keeper
[writing a letter, voice over] Gabriel: To whom it may concern. I want to apologize for setting myself on fire on your wall. I'd mistaken your home for someone else's. Not that that excuses my behaviour.

Movie: The Drummer and the Keeper
Christopher: Everybody is good at some things and not good at other things. People always say that. But what if the things you're good at aren't the right things for you to have a proper life? Well, it doesn't ruin your life if you're not good at Lego or football, but if you're not good at understanding people when they're not telling the truth, then you're not allowed to have a job or a house or a wife, which isn't fair. Because you're not the one not telling the truth but you're the one being punished.

Movie: The Drummer and the Keeper
Christopher: The thing he's not good at means that the things he is good at don't count. It's like Lego, where you lose one piece and you can't finish your kit you're building because of that one piece you're missing. So, you throw it away. It's a waste. Because somebody else might easily have that piece you're missing. He's good at understanding people, but he's not good at staying in control. I'm good at staying in control but I'm not good at understanding people. We each have a piece the other one is missing. So, if we could just have a chance... If you could just give us a chance to share those things, instead of two wasted people, there could be none.

Movie: The Drummer and the Keeper