Eye on Juliet Quotes

Blind man with a cane: Ask me any question, young man. I'll always have an answer. That's why I don't have any friends! [laughs]
Blind man with a cane: Do you have another question for the professor today?
Gordon: I'm pretty busy right now, I'm just gonna get you back to were you need to go, and then I'll be on my way, ok?
Blind man with a cane: Talking's not going to slow us down, son. Go on, ask me. [pause]
Gordon: Ok, I have a question for you. How do you know if a woman it's right for you?
Blind man with a cane: There is only one way to know if a woman is right for you. First... you have to smell the side of her neck... just a little bit under her ear... and see how that makes you feel. Then, you have to kiss her... she has to kiss you... and see how that makes you feel... only then you should be worrying about talking.
Gordon: Smell, kiss, caress. Then you start talking.
Blind man with a cane: Ideally, yes. But if the smell, the caress and the kiss don't work, don't bother talking. It's useless. It'll never work. Your words will be pointless. Did I answer your question? [pause]
Gordon: I don't know.

Movie: Eye on Juliet