The Cowboys Quotes

Boy on Train: Look, Mom!... Cowboys!

Movie: The Cowboys
Cal Brent: Well, Mr. Morgan, we're buyin' chips in this game, whatever it is. I'd like to tie up with some outfit... that is, if you can use a couple of riders.
Ranch hand: If we've got a range war on our hands, we want operators who can throw lead, not mounted canaries.

Movie: The Cowboys
Cimarron: They didn't even did him a decent grave.
Wil Andersen: Well, it's not how you're buried, it's how you're remembered.

Movie: The Cowboys
Wil Andersen: Slap some bacon on a biscuit and let's go! We're burnin' daylight!

Movie: The Cowboys
Wil Andersen: There ain't a kid in that school over fifteen. They're between hay and grass. I need men.
Anse Petersen: How old was you when you went on your first cattle drive?
Wil Andersen: What difference does that make?
Anse Petersen: How old was you, Wil?
Wil Andersen: Well, in my day...
Anse Petersen: How old?
Wil Andersen: Thirteen! But my old man's pants fit me!

Movie: The Cowboys